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South Allegheny Band

Jessica E. Kovacs, Director 2743 Washington Blvd., Liberty Borough 412-675-3070 ext. 1402

Current Fundraisers

Triangle Bar Hoagies

Student Fundraiser

Due Monday, February 26. Pick up March 8th, time TBA.

Due Date
February 26th
March 8th

The Pie Shoppe

Student Fundraiser

Sale begins Monday, February 26 through Monday, March 12. Parent pick up will be Monday, March 26, time TBD.

Due Date
March 12th
March 26th

It's a Wrap Pepperoni Rolls

Student Fundraiser

Sale begins Monday, March 5. Pick-up time TBD.

Due Date
March 23rd
April 4th

Student Accounts

Updated fundraiser profits coming soon.

Types of Fundraisers

Student: Profits made from a this type of fundraiser go into the individual's account.

Band Parent: Profits go into a general fund. These fundraisers are just as important as student fundraisers, because they help to drastically reduce the cost that each student must raise individually.

Why Fundraise?

Students are given sufficient opportunities to raise all of the funds necessary to participate in the mandatory band trip and possible off-campus band camp. Fundraising is not required, but highly encouraged; students always have the right to pay outright the cost of any required activities.

Students are able to track their accumulating fundraising totals on a fundraising profits sheet posted in the band room and online.


Please contact Eric Moranelli if you have any questions regarding fundraisers.


We encourage all money collected for fundraisers to be cash or money order. You may then deposit the money into your bank account, and send in one check made payable to "South Allegheny Band".